About Pono Labradoodles

The word Pono in the Hawaiian language means many things, but at its core, it means doing things the right way.

Pono is breeding genuine Australian labradoodles, not first generation labrador x poodle crosses.

Pono is raising our puppies in our own home and showering them with love and and positive reenforcement from the beginning.

This all started with our beloved family dog, Hula. 

She was not originally intended to be a breeding dog, but when it came time to have her spayed, we felt that she was such a uniquely special dog that we should not remove her from the gene pool. We checked in with her breeder, the amazing Spring Creek Labradoodles in Oregon, and asked if they would like her to be part of the program. Happily, the answer was “Yes!”, so we have the opportunity to bring puppies into the world that have her intelligence, affectionate personality, and silky non-shedding coat.

When we moved to Hawaii, Spring Creek Labradoodles agreed to allow us to continue with our plan to breed Hula. She had her first litter in December 2018, and we were in love with the whole process. It was a little hard to let the puppies go!

We hope over time to grow our breeding program slowly and with pono, never having too many puppies to find excellent homes for, and always keeping our breeding dogs in happy families. 

Keep an ear out for future guardian family opportunities!