Allergy Friendly?

The Australian Labradoodle was originally bred for a woman who needed a seeing-eye dog but had a husband with severe allergies to dogs. A famous breeder in Australia bred labradors and poodles until he had a low-shedding dog with a temperament suited to a working dog. Later, Cocker Spaniels were infused into the breed to further improve the coat.

While there is no breed that can be unequivocally called hypo-allergenic, our experiences in this realm have been positive. Hannah is allergic to dogs, and in the past just figured that the annoyance of constant congestion was worth it to have dogs. Then we found the Australian Labradoodle. Hula does not cause allergic symptoms for her – even though she sleeps in our bed.

Also, one of our first puppies went to a family whose son had been so allergic to dogs that he broke out in hives immediately with the slightest contact. Before taking home the puppy, they visited to see if he would have a reaction to the puppy or to Hula – and he did not. To his family, this felt a little bit like a miracle. We think this was a very wise approach and would recommend it to anyone with severe dog allergies before taking home a puppy.

We have had Hula genetically tested to confirm her genes, and she does have only low-shedding genes to pass on to her pups. We can confirm that she seems to shed less hair than we humans do!