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Upcoming Litter Announcement!

Our Hula was bred with Keeper on New Years Day 2020 and we are super excited to see the unbelievable puppies these two will make! We should be able to confirm the pregnancy by ultrasound in early February. If successful we should have babies in early March 2020! We expect minis from 15-25 lbs with silky fleece coats since both parents have amazing non-shedding coats. They should have puppies in colors ranging in color from cream to red, likely with some white marking like their daddy. Both parents are easy to train, cuddly, and absolute traffic stoppers with their cuteness. We cannot wait.

We are still taking reservations for this litter. Click here for how to adopt and get on the reservations list.

Spring Creek's Paradise Found
ALAA# 056784 Paw Print Genetics ID 115576
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece sd/sd confirmed low shedding by genetic testing
Size: 15" and 18 lbs
Health: OFA & Wallace hips/elbows normal, CERF persistent pupillary membranes – iris to iris, PRA, vWD, EIC, NES, DM, HNP all clear
Sire: Spring Creek's Flaming Arrow
Dam: Spring Creek's Moment of Clarity
Ashford Manor Playin’ For Keeps
ALAA-069378 WALA-00011478
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: Red & White
Coat: Fleece
Size: 16″ and 24 lbs
Health: PennHIP, OFA, Wallace hips/elbows, CERF, PRA, vWD, EIC, IC, DM
Sire: Ashford Manor Chestnut
Dam: Riverbends Smile Jamaica
Thank you so much to Spring Creek Labradoodles for letting us use this amazing boy in this breeding! We know these puppies will all be keepers.
Keeper is a dream in every way! Gorgeous fleece coat, incredibly personality and temperament. We hear he was a dream to train and was eager to please every step of the way. Keeper has this adorable bounce as he trots along beside you and attracts the attention of everyone. He lives in Oregon with his guardian family.