Choosing a Breeder

If you are choosing a dog who is bred, you absolutely need to know about the breederʻs practices. Presumably you are considering an Australian Labradoodle because you want a family-friendly dog. So make sure you choose a breeder who raises puppies right inside the home. The exposure to household noises, kids, cats, etc. gets puppies used to what they are likely to see in your home too.

If a puppy only knows life in a separate kennel or outdoors, she is likely to be overwhelmed by all the various sights and sounds in the average home.

Also, a responsible breeder will follow strict guidelines for health testing and ethics set by a reputable breeding organization. We have followed all the guidelines set by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America and our membership is pending.

Please visit their website for more information:

Our mama dogs will only have 3 litters at most before retiring to be full-time pets in our home or their guardian homes. The dogs are first and foremost beloved pets and we pledge to never lose sight of that. We will keep it pono.