From time to time, when we are adding a new mama to our program, we will have the need for a guardian home. This is a mutually beneficial situation. It means that all of our dogs will have their very own loving families and never live a kennel life, and we can grow our program depending on demand without being over-run with dogs in our own home. The guardian gets a cream-of-the-crop Australian Labradoodle which is valued at 3-4 times as much as a pet puppy, but at a big discount from the pet puppy price. These dogs will have the absolute best temperament, build, and coat in an entire litter. See below for details on the program. Opportunities will be posted here as they arise, and also on social media.

Guardianship Opportunity Now Available!

Baby Coco will be arriving from Scotland in September (please Governor Ige lift the quarantine in time!) accompanied by her breeder who is ready for a tropical vacation. With all due social distancing we will happily put him up in our guest room to have him accompany this sweet baby on her long journey. She comes from a long line of the best Australian Labradoodles, has optimal personality scores, is already being trained, and by the time she arrives she will have already completed her health testing. Her family will be a lucky one indeed! Take a look at her Breeder Lomond Hills Labradoodles for more information. We are so grateful to them for this amazing girl.

A guardian dog lives with her own family with only the following exceptions:

  • I will take her for one day of health testing on Oahu around 4-5 months of age (unless already done by the time you receive your pup). Remember, she will know me and my family well, so these times away will feel like visiting family to her.
  • For each of her three to four litters, your choice of her having a two-day visit with me (doodle party!), or visits in your own home on two successive days for the painless insemination procedure.
  • For each of her three to four litters a nine week period in my home for birthing and nursing her babies. This will never be closer than a year apart.

Guardianship is meant to be mutually beneficial. For people with families abroad, this is allows them to take long trips to visit home. Or for people who love dogs but also can’t give up their globe-trotting lifestyle, this way they have built-in free long-term care for their furry child. Others are captivated by the excitement of getting to see the babies grow in their girl’s belly, and the pictures of the puppies later. Maybe even seeing those puppies around Maui later.

Keep in mind that labradoodles are well-proportioned dogs who birth well. These are not huge-headed bulldogs. Birth complications are almost unheard of. I am also a nurse-midwife a who has delivered over 2,000 human babies, and while dogs are different they honestly put humans to shame when it comes to birthing. So your dog would not be at significant risk. 

Labradoodles are social animals who adore their families, who want to be with them, and want to be involved in the daily happenings of the family. They deserve a loving family and home after leaving the care of our family.  We have poured our hearts into our puppies and finding the right homes for them is of the highest importance. 

We choose our future breeding dogs very carefully, and only those with qualities that we want to see continue are kept as our “pick of the litter” for breeding. So our guardian homes receive the best we have to offer when we place a potential future breeding dog with them. Not only are they receiving what we consider to be worthy of continuing a genetic line, but we also completely health test the dogs at our expense when they are at the appropriate age. By the time one of our puppies is raised and tested to the strict standards we hold, we have invested a great deal into ensuring they are healthy and genetically sound. When the dog is retired from breeding, she will be neutered and 100% owned by her family. 

In order to be considered as a guardian family, you must be able to meet these minimum requirements and provide the following for the dog.

  • You must live on Maui and be a homeowner, not a renter.  If your home does not have a physical fenced yard you must have a clear plan for exercising your dog safely on-leash.  No underground electronic fencing. No plan to move away from Hawaii in the next 5-6 years.
  • Feed food suitable for the nutritional needs of a breeding dog. Only all natural, premium quality, no by-product, no wheat or corn products.
  • Training. Families must complete basic obedience training classes.  These are basic level classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands necessary for a well behaved dog, not just for one of our future breeding dogs. The time you put in with training will pay off tremendously in your lifetime appreciation of your pet.
  • Vaccinations per your veterinarian’s protocol and routine veterinary visits.
  • Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks adhering to the approved cut and look.
  • Monthly photos. We need to see how our dogs are maturing in between the visits they make to our home, plus we just simply want to see them!  Photos taken with a phone are fine. We do not need high quality pictures.
  • A work schedule that does not leave puppy home alone more than 4 hours a day. If one or both adults in the household work full time, then professional daycare must be provided so that puppy receives necessary socialization and proper energy outlet opportunities.
  • Maintain health insurance through Trupanion. We recommend health insurance to all our puppy families, not just our guardian families. Protect your dog and never worry about whether or not you can afford a horrible accident or injury vet bill. You do not need to pay for the premium “breeding dog” policy.

Remember though, she isn’t just a pet puppy. She is a pick of the litter breeding quality puppy. You are receiving the best of the best in exchange for participating in the guardian program. Once she is done being part of the guardian program, when she is still in the prime of life (usually age 5 or so) we pay for neutering, sign over registration papers and full ownership to you. In the advent that she does not pass her testing to the incredibly high criteria required for breeding, you keep her for the discounted fee and she will not be bred but she will still have an outstanding personality, coat, and appearance. Just perhaps a recessive genetic trait that is not desirable to keep in the breeding line.  

The above requirements are simple and look out for the wellbeing of each of our dogs. They are likely not much more than you’d be doing for your own puppy, if you purchased one outright. 

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire on the How to Adopt Your Doodle page and mention that you are interested in guardianship.