We now have a very long waiting list of families who want to adopt one of our Australian Labradoodle Puppies. Why? We are one of only two breeders in all of Hawaii and perhaps the only one actively breeding. Also, these dogs are truly special, truly top-of the-line. They are multi-generational on both parents’ sides. You could not find a higher quality Australian Labradoodle anywhere on the mainland. It is hard for us to know how many of those families will still be on the waiting list when the next litters are born, probably starting in Spring 2021. See the Puppies & Upcoming Litters page for details.

Pet puppies are $3,850.00 and come having had their first vet checkup and vaccine, microchip, toy, sample of the puppy kibble they are used to, a blanket with mama dogʻs scent, a 2-year health guarantee, and a lifetime of interest and support. For all families who made inquiries prior to 6/20/2020 and were quoted a lower price that will still be honored. The price has been increased because we were not prepared for the higher cost of breeding in Hawaii and have been continuing to take a large loss over the last two years. We reserve the right to hold back up to 2 puppies in any litter for breeding.

These are pet puppies and are not to be used for breeding. You will sign a contract stating that you will have the dog neutered or spayed at the appropriate age or face a severe penalty. This is because the difference in value between a pet puppy and a breeding puppy is tremendous. Additionally, the Australian Labradoodle Association to which we belong has very high standards for health and safety of breeding and preventing uncontrolled breeding is a big part of that.

We will match you with your puppy based on temperament first after careful evaluations of the litter. We will also keep your preferences about sex/color in mind, but feel strongly that puppies should not be chosen first based on appearance. All puppies are heartbreakingly adorable. But some are too reserved for a family with active children, and some are too active for a retired couple. Our matching of temperaments with applicants will dramatically increase the likelihood of the dog suiting your lifestyle.

Because of the long waiting list this will be our process for working through it: as a pregnancy is confirmed we will contact in order the families on the waiting list until we have taken 2-3 deposits and confirmed 5 more who would like a puppy in the advent of a large litter. I think this would also be a good time to send out a mass email to ask folks to confirm whether or not they want to stay on the waiting list. When the puppies are born, anyone who did not receive a puppy is at the top of the waiting list or the next litter. And so on.

To be placed on the waiting list, please complete this form. I will get back to you (sometimes not immediately especially if the next litter is still months and months away) and confirm your place on the list. Again, the list is long and it might feel like you will never get a puppy. But do not despair! There are three litters next year, and we plan to add more mamas to our breeding program so we hope more in 2022. Also, you never know how many other folks will give in to temptation and adopt one of their auntie’s puppies in the meantime!

Probably completing the form will give you an idea of what we think is important in an adoptive family. Maybe you’ll think we’re too intense. Really though – it just shows how much we care. These puppies are raised in our home and we feel that they are part of our Ohana. We can’t bear the thought of someone adopting before really being ready for it. A puppy is a commitment. It’s hard work and some disruption of your life in the beginning. Super cute disruption – but still. Please know that we are not ok with the puppy being alone all day and we are not ok with punishment-or negative reinforcement based training including choke collars, shock collars, hitting, yelling, etc. None of this is necessary or beneficial for a well-bred well-socialized dog.

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